Unique Chess Academy

Welcome to the magical, mysterious and mesmerizing world of  Chess ! !

At Unique Chess Academy, we're dedicated to mastering the art of teaching chess to the Young Minds.

If you have a chess set and  you want to enjoy and understand the intricate secrets of this amazing game, then look no further. We are right here to unlock the mystery and guide you to experience the magic.

Unique Chess Academy.   Rhea from Hanumagiri centre got 2nd Prize in U-11 category in 31st BRDCA Monthly Chess Tournament held in Virginia Mall,Whitefield,Bangalore.   Rhea got 5th Prize in U-12 Category in 19th BNCF Monthly Chess Tournament,Bangalore.

UNIQUE CHESS ACADEMY is receiving 2ND BEST ACADEMY PRIZE during the prize distribution of 25th Edition of State Open Rapid Chess Tournament in Bangalore organized by BRDCA, on 8th October, 2017.

DSR Chess Class,First Chess Batch of 2019